Tuupovaara Energy Co-operative

Tuupovaara energy co-operative was the first energy co-operative in the province of North Karelia. It was established by eight founding members in 1996 being one of the first energy co-operatives utilizing wood as raw material for heat production in Finland. The heat production activities that energy co-operatives started to be involved with created a demand for wood that did not have use in Finland, i.e. no-one bought energy wood at that time and markets were created for this wood. The co-operative was established due to collaboration between forest owners, the local Forestry Centre and the local municipality. During the establishment phase, the municipality wanted to give the heat production activity in the hands of an actor in which the benefits are enjoyed by a wider group of people than one single actor. After its establishment the co-operative also served a function of a pilot plant for other energy co-operatives in the region to learn from and emerge.

Creating employment; community regeneration; enhansing community cohesion
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