Tea Hunt: Recycling empty tea light cups

Pietarsaari is a small city located at the shore of the Ostrobothnian Gulf. The local waste company Ekorosk Oy wanted to create a new fun way to teach the local children about recycling and its importance. At the same time there was a problem with too much aluminum among the mixed waste. That is when one of the company’s workers came up with the idea of organizing a competition for the local elementary schools, where the aim would be to collect as many empty tealight cups as possible during a two-month period. Today, various waste companies in Finland take part in the Tealight Hunt by organising the hunt at their own operating area. Ekorosk is still in charge of managing the competition. The competition is held every two years. In 2015, there were 14 waste companies organizing the campaign and 11 300 pupils taking part. Altogether 5.9 million tea light cups were collected and recycled.

Improving the local environment; reducing climate impacts; enhansing community cohesion
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