Renewable deployment policies in the power sector in France

At the heart of the CDLINKS Project is to analyze the role of climate change within the broader sustainable development agendas of G20 countries. As part of this, empirical analyses of past and existing policies that have had a climate or broader development focus are conducted in support of evidence-based decision making. The methodological focus of these studies, which primarily analyze energy policies, is on policy effectiveness and the overlap and interaction of different objectives.

Interactions between climate and energy policies in the French electricity sector

In France, interactions between climate and energy policies can potentially occur through the National Low-Carbon Strategy (NLCS), which aims at supporting the country’s transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. The NLCS interacts with climate and environmental policy making at different levels. On the one hand, the strategy is designed within the context of EU climate policies, while on the other hand, it may have an impact on policy making at regional and local levels in France.